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Five Worlds of Interest

  Along with the four program emphasis which focus on the goals of Girl Scouts, there are also the worlds of interest. Activities in Girl Scouts are divided into five separate groups, or worlds, which are listed below.
  The World of Well-Being concerns activities having to do with physical and emotional health. Badges about exercise or exploring personal talents and skills would be found in this world.
Badges some of us have earned:
  The World of People involves activities both family and friends. It also encourages girls to play an active role in the community, get involved in international friendships and issues pertaining to the rest of the world. The World of People is about exploring and respecting cultural differences while learning more of one's own heritage.
Badges some of us have earned:
  The World of Today and Tomorrow emphasizes the opportunities girls have in today's world and the ones they will have in the future. Activities in this world are aimed at modern technological advances and the hows and whys of the world.
Badges some of us have earned:
  The World of the Arts focuses on everything from a Picasso, to a bassoon concerto, to Emily Dickinson's poetry. In this world girls explore their own artistic abilities and learn about those of others.
Badges some of us have earned:
  The World of Out-Of-Doors concerns the scouting experiences of Girl Scouts. Activities might include backpacking in the woods, ecological studies, and appreciation of the world around them.
Badges some of us have earned:











On my honor, I will try
To serve God and my Country.
To help other people at all times.
And to live by the Girl Scout Law.