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GS Trivia

Check you knowledge by writing down the answers on
a piece of paper. A link to the answers is provided below

1) Where does the name Daisy GS come from ?
2) Who was the founder of GS in the United States?
3) What color are Daisy tunics?
4) How many parts are there in the GS promise?
5) When is the birthday of the founder of GS?
6) Who were the friends that Juliette Low visited in England, where she got the idea of GSs?
7) What is the name of your council ?
8) How many parts are there to the GS Law?
9) Where was GSing's founder born?
10)What song do we usually sing at the end of a meeting?
11) What shape are Brownie Try-Its?
12) What is the celebration of the first GS meeting called?
13) What is the shape of the Brownie pin?
14) How many international World Centers are there?
15) How many Worlds of Interest are there in GSing?
16) Can you name the Five Worlds of Interest?
17) What are GSs called in most other countries of the world?
18) What color are Junior GS uniforms?
19) What shape are Junior GS Badges?
20) How many Brownie Try-Its are there?
21) What level of GSs can earn "Wings"?
22) What is the GS motto?
23) What shape are Cadette/Senior Interest Project Patches?
24) What is the name of the World Center in Switzerland?
25) What is the highest recognition that can be earned in Cadette GSing?
26) What is the abbreviation for the international association that all Girl Scouts and Girl Guides worldwide belong to?
27) On what day do we celebrate Lord & Lady Baden Powell's birthdays?
28) At what World Center is Spanish spoken?
29) What is the special program designed for Cadette & Senior GSs, providing the chance for individuals to travel beyond their own councils?
30) What was Juliette Low's dream?
31) What is the highest recognition that can be earned in Senior GSing?
32) What was established after Juliette Low's death, to honor her vision & dream for the girls of the world?
33) What is the GS Slogan?
34) Repeat the GS Promise
35) Repeat the GS Law