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Troop Leadership

The success of Girl Scout Troop 880 relies heavily on the participation and contributions of the parents.  Troop activities and programs are extensive and require the help of many.  Parents make an important contribution by attending meetings and activities with their daughters and providing them with encouragement, support and guidance.  Parents may also contribute by assuming leadership positions and serving on committees.  Serving in this manner is a rewarding experience and is appreciated by all members of the Troop.

Leadership positions are described below.  It is the goal of Troop 880 to fill leadership and committee positions by June for the following year of scouting which begins in September.


Troop Leader:  Responsible for completing training sponsored by the Girl Scout Totem Council, knowing Girl Scout policies and practices, helping recruit and providing Troop information to prospective members, helping plan and schedule Troop activities, helping conduct Troop meetings, conducting and parent meetings, managing campouts and other Troop activities, coordinating activities with Patrols and other Troop leaders, serving as liaison with  School, cosigning checks for Troop expenditures, helping girls with their tasks and encouraging success, and maintaining Troop records.  Refer to The Guide for Junior Girl Scout Leaders for additional responsibilities and characteristics of the Troop Leader.


Assistant Troop Leaders:  Responsible for completing training sponsored by the Girl Scout Totem Council, knowing Girl Scout policies and practices, helping Troop Leader schedule and plan Troop activities, helping conduct Troop meetings and other Troop activities, and helping girls with their tasks and encouraging success.  As required by Girl Scout policy, at least one member of the Troop leadership team must be an adult female.


Treasurer:  Responsible for preparing and monitoring Troop budgets, maintaining Troop financial records, writing and cosigning checks for Troop expenditures, reviewing monthly bank statements, preparing end-of year Troop Financial Report and submitting form to the Girl Scout Council.


Membership Coordinator:  Responsible for assisting in recruiting and providing Troop information to prospective members, providing annual registration material to new and returning girl scouts and parents, submitting annual registration material to the Girl Scout Michigan Trails Council, preparing Troop roster, and maintaining Troop membership records.


Program Coordinator:  Responsible for coordinating Troop meetings with Troop Leaders, Girls Scouts, and parents responsible for conducting the program, helping Troop Leaders schedule Troop activities, and helping prepare and distribute the Troop schedule.


Campout Coordinator:  Responsible for reserving campsites and making facility arrangements, distributing information about upcoming camping trips, serving as liaison and conducting final inspections with campsite managers, and preparing campout agenda and duty roster.


Food Committee Coordinator:  Responsible for organizing refreshments schedule for the Troop organizing and purchasing food for Troop meals and refreshments at Camp.


Food Committee:  Responsible for assisting the Food Committee Coordinator with Food Committee activities.  A parent representative from each Patrol is needed on this Committee.  The Girl Scouts will also assist with these activities.


Recognitions Coordinator:  Responsible for purchasing and maintaining the Troop supply of badges; distributing Badge, Literature, and Community Service Award forms; receiving completed Award forms from the Girl Scouts; preparing badges for presentation at Court of Award ceremonies; and maintaining recognition records for the Troop.


Campout Badge Coordinator:  Responsible for organizing badge activities at campouts.  This includes helping select the badges to work on, setting up badge stations, introducing badge activities, securing assistance from other parents to help with badge activities, obtaining badge activity supplies, and distributing Badge Award forms.  Generally, one badge is worked on by all interested Girl Scouts at each campout.


Cookie Sale Manager:  Responsible for attending Girl Scout Michigan Trails Council cookie sale meetings and obtaining sale information, distributing and explaining cookie sale material to Girl Scouts, organizing Troop cookie sale, distributing cookies, collecting and recording cookie sale funds, submitting funds to GSMT Council, distributing cookie sale recognitions, and maintaining Troop cookie sale records.


Photographer:  Responsible for taking  photographs at all Troop activities, organizing and presenting a  show at a Troop 880 Even, and maintaining the Troop photographic records.


First Aide Qualified Adult:  Adult Troop members who have received current Girl Scout Council approved first-aid training or who have professional medical training.  At least one first aide qualified adult must be present at all campouts and Troop activities conducted at locations different than regular Troop meetings.  They are responsible for being familiar with Girl Scout first aide guidelines, maintaining the Troop first aid kit, bringing first aid kit to Troop campouts and activities, and providing first aid when needed.


Webmaster:  Responsible for maintaining the troop Web site.


Patrol Parents:  A Patrol Parent represents each Patrol and is critical to the success and enjoyment of Patrol activities.  Each is responsible for being familiar with Girl Scout safety guidelines, involving the girls in the planning and running of Patrol meetings and events, helping girls with their tasks and encouraging success, managing Patrol meetings and activities, preparing Patrols for Troop meeting flag ceremonies, coordinating Patrol planned Troop meetings with the Troop Leader, and representing the Patrol in Troop activities. 


On my honor, I will try
To serve God and my Country.
To help other people at all times.
And to live by the Girl Scout Law.