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On my honor,
 I will try
To serve God
and my Country.
To help other people at all times.
And to live by the Girl Scout Law.





I can’t do it well without the help of many. I would like to see a well rounded program full of fun.

Please help us reach this goal.
Here are the areas we always welcome help:

Troop Committee

A troop is successful if they have the support of parents. One way to support our girls is to serve on the Troop Committee
The troop committee members must be registered adult Girl Scouts. If you would like to serve as a committee member please complete a registration form. The fee is $7 which will go to GSUSA and will also provide the member with the GS insurance.

Our current Troop Committee needs are:

  • Sponsor(s). A sponsor is someone who provides the troop with money or materials to aid the troop.


  • Cookie Parents. We need a cookie manager for the troop and at least one other adult helper. The leaders will coordinate cookie booths. The cookie manager will have to be available to attend cookie training.

  • Emergency Phone Contact. This person will call everyone in case a meeting or event is cancelled. (Can form a phone tree if desired.) Also, in case of an emergency, this person will need arrange for someone to be available during field trips to call all parents in case of an emergency.

  • Service Project Coordinator. Help the troop however needed in carrying out service projects as they occur. Can come up with the idea for a service project and make arrangements for it following troop approval.

  • Journal Coordinator. Make certain that at every meeting there is are parents signed up to help with the journals for the last 15 minutes of the meeting.

There will be other needs that will arise during the year, so do not feel as if we do not need you. We never turn down help when it is provided.

Fundraising (Calendars, Cookies, and Misc. Fundraisers each needs someone to run it)

 First Aid Qualified Adult, our rules highly recommend someone besides the leader be First Aid Qualified…

Drivers, GSUSA Policy will be followed regarding all drivers

Parents, (Mom or Dad) willing to camp overnight with us

Parents, with expertise in a specific badge area who could teach it
(Car Care? Ms Fix It? Pet Care?  Sky Search?)

Patrols with a large troop, it’s often most productive to split them into small groups called Patrols and rotate them through activities at a meeting.  When we do this, we need at least1 adult to work each small group session. 
Please feel free to stay for meetings and let me know if you’re ready to join in on the fun!

Thinking Day Resource person, we always learn about another country in the month of February.  We always need a parent who can lead us on our journey of learning about another country during that month.

Parents’ responsibility to the troop

  • To make every effort to be punctual to meetings and outings.

  • To help your daughter fulfill troop responsibilities
    (dues, permission slips, notebooks, uniforms, etc.)

  • To be supportive of your daughter in her Girl Scout endeavors (help them to complete missed activities).

  • If your daughter will not be at a meeting, please notify us ahead of time (except in case of illness).

  • Please check the Scout's folder for any important news or permission slips that may need to be signed.

  • To assist the troop and the troop leaders during meetings
    or activities on a rotating or as needed basis.

  • To consider being a member of the Troop Committee.

  • Attending all ceremonies/events held during the year that your Girl Scout is a part of.

  • Volunteers to help out at some meetings and drive on field trips.

  • Aiding your Girl Scout in the Fundraiser and Cookie Sales and turning in money promptly.

  • Contacting us in advance if you are unable to help out as scheduled so we  can try to find a replacement.

Girl Scout’s responsibility to the troop

  • To attend meetings and outings

  • To fulfill obligation of  Folders,  uniforms, and know that permission slips are signed by a parent. (Notes, permission slips and newsletters will be put in their  Folders.)

  • To complete any missed activities.

  • To pass along important information to parents or leaders.

  • To treat each member of the troop as a sister.

  • To respect sister Girl Scouts.

  • To respect Troop Leaders and Troop Parents.

  • To participate in the meetings.

  • To conduct themselves in a safe manner.

  • To listen to others in the troop and show respect for what they are saying.


Troop Rules and Policies

  • Safety Wise is our "Safety Bible" and we must adhere to its guidelines (the minimum required ratio of adults to girls at both meetings and outings are 2 adults deep.)

  • For camping we need 3-4 adults for every 6-8 girls

  • Permission slips must be turned in on time in order for a Girl Scout to participate in activities. There are no exceptions to this rule!

  • A Girl Scout must attend the two meetings in which we do our final preparations for our camping trip in order to go camping. We will notify you as to which meetings this will be when we know.