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Flag Ceremony Kaper Chart

Kaper Patrol/Girl Month
American Flag Holder
(Holds Flag)
Junior Flag Holder
(Holds Flag)
American Flag Guard
(Guards Flag)
Junior Flag Guard
(Guards Flag)
Promise Keeper
(Holds up GS Promise)
Law Keeper
(Holds up GS Law)
(2) Bridge of Silence
(Forms bridge for girls to pass under. As girl passes under bridge she becomes silent.)


Weekly Meeting Kaper Chart

Clean Up Queen
(Checks clean up and reminds troop
 if more clean up is needed)
Creative Crafter
(Passes out supplies)
Game Girl
(Is first to be "it" in game)
Gathering Granny
(Collects papers from folders)
Happy Hostess
(Passes out snack)
Paper Passer
(Passes out papers to go into folders)
Stick Starter
(Begins Talking Stick)
Wish Maker
(Starts Wishing Circle)