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Junior Girl Scout Badges & Insignia

The term insignia is used for all Girl Scout items worn on the uniform
(badges, Try-Its, Interest projects, pins, awards, and participation patches). The word recognitions has been replaced by the word award. 

Junior Vest/Insignia

Junior Girl Scout Proficiency Badges

All of the Junior Girl Scout insignia contained on this page is listed alphabetically for easy of use.  

Across Generations

Adopt A Native American Grandparent

Adopt A Grandparent 

Web Site of the AARP

Active Citizen

Understanding the Federal Courts  

The Federal Judiciary Homepage 

Voter Registration Information

US Senate

US House of Representative

PRAY (Programs of Religious Activities with Youth)


Aerospace Badge Links

The Science of Ballooning 

NASA Quest - What is Aeronautics 

Evolution of Flight Technology

How does a helicopter work? 

Simple Flying Machines   

Milestones of Flight 

The American Kite Association  

The Kite Flyers Site 

Kid Kite Web

Big Wind Kite Factory 

Toys in Space

Alex's Paper Airplanes

Free Paper Planes

Clem's Homemade Newspaper Kites

Female Astronauts

The Women of Mercury 13

Women's Contributions to NASA

Amelia Earhart



Home Plans – You can "do" your own dream home design here and see it!

New York City Skyscrapers

The Heidelberg Project 

Gargoyles and Architectural Details in New York City 

College Requirements. Here is an example of what classes are needed to get a BA in Architecture

Architecture through the Ages

Architecture for Kids

Exploring Architecture

Spaces & Places

Architecture & Building Resources on the Web

Art in the Home


Country Living Online

Small Houses Website (Doll Houses)  

Art in the Round


Art to Wear

1966 Hair

1960's Dress

1960's Make-Up 

Children's clothes

Women’s clothes 

Arts and Media

No resources added yet. 

Becoming a Teen

It's My Body

Tampax web site


The Internet Public Library (IPL) Youth Division 

Alice's Adventure's in Wonderland 

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Kids Connect at California Libraries

Make a Book Cover! Timeless Classics

Books Online at Kid Zone


The Lemonade Game

About...Starting a Business


Start Your Own Business

Car Care

Auto Tour

Teen New Driver's Homepage

Car Care Council - Good information on proper car care & maintenance.

How to Find Your Way Under the Hood & Around the Car

General Motors












No resources added yet. 

Caring for Children

The Baby-Sitters Club  

Egg Baby Parenting

I Am Your Child

The ABC's of Safe & Healthy Child Care

Celebrating People

Universal Declaration of Human Rights 

United Nations Homepage

Foreign Language for Travelers

Ceramics and Clay

Ceramics Web

Learn About Pottery

Antiques & Collectibles 

Electric Kilns

Collecting Hobbies

The Scouts on Stamps Society International (SOSSI)

Doll Collector Patch, a patch offered by the Mississippi Valley Girl Scout Council to learn more about doll collecting. 
Page includes link to the MVGSC and patch number for ordering.

Communication Arts

Braille Layout and Dimensions

ASL Finger spelling Alphabet

Basic Dictionary of ASL Terms

Road Markers – National and Regional Highways 

Manual of Traffic Signs

Radio Transmission 

Coastguard Distress Signals

Distress Signals for vessels in Canada

Officials' Hand Signals - On-Line Reference Guides for Soccer, Basketball, Football, etc.

NBA Official Referee Hand Signals

Computer Fun

Internet Safety Game 

Computer Timeline

Technology at Home 

Computer Lessons for Kids and Small Adults

Women and Computer Science

The PC Webopedia

Consumer Power

No resources added yet. 

Creative Solutions

Large Group Games

Peer Mediation in a School-based Setting

Dabbler World of People


Dabbler World of the Arts

GapKids - for requirement I.2  

Blue Mountain Arts –Musical, Animated Electronic Greeting Cards, for requirement G.1

Dabbler World of the Out-of-Doors

No resources added yet. 

Dabbler World of Today & Tomorrow

Virtual Reality Phases of the Moon


Acids and Bases

pH, the Power of Hydrogen 

The Chicago Field Museum of Natural History online Exhibits

Chicago Field Museum of Natural History online Dinosaurs!

Chicago Field Museum of Natural History online Life AFTER Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Names

Dabbler World of Well Being

The Food Pyramid

Body Wise Shape up

Fit Teen


Daily Fashion


Lord of The Dance


Discovering Technology

Technology Badge

Technology at Home

Doing Hobbies

No resources added yet. 


Consumer Information Center

Drawing and Painting

Crayola Home Page


No resources added yet. 


No resources added yet. 

Exploring Healthy Eating

The Food Pyramid

FDA Kids Homepage

The New Food Label

10 Tips to Healthy Eating and Physical Activity

American Dietetic Association

The Truth about Fast Foods and Nutrition


Junk Food Links

Family Living Skills

The REAL Deal...Play the Buying Game

Kids, Cash, Plastic and You 

Family Corner on-Line Magazine

Club Mom

Finding Your Way

How to use a compass 

What do Maps Show?




US Orienteering Federation

First Aid

First Aid Page

Outdoor Action Guide to Hypothermia And Cold Weather Injuries

Outdoor Action Guide to Heat Related Illnesses & Fluid Balance

Basic First Aid for Kids

First Aid Crossword Puzzle

Folk Arts

Art of New Mexico

Kids Art

Sourdough Recipes

Foods, Fibers and Farming

No resources added yet. 

Frosty Fun

Yahooligans! Snow Sports Links

Outdoor Action Guide to Hypothermia And Cold Weather Injuries

Geography Fun

National Geographic Magazine Online

National Geographic Kids

Yahoo! Links to maps and other Geography Sites

The Mathematics of Cartography 

Map Blast


Neill's Geology For Kids

Make Your Own Fossil

Museum of Dirt

Mineral Matters

Discover How Rocks Are Formed

Project Earth Science

Virtual Geology Project

Reed Gold Mine

Girl Scouting Around the World


The Story of a Good Turn

Girl Scouting in the USA

Girl Scouts of the USA

Girl Scout History

Merana's Scout Site specializing in Girl Scout and International Uniforms

Timeline of Girl Scout History

Early Scouting Newspaper Articles

Girls Are Great

No resources added yet.

Global Awareness

New Global Awareness Badge

Health and Fitness

Fitness Fundamentals 

Healthy Living

No resources added yet.

Healthy Relationships

No resources added yet.


Online Guide to Hiking Trails in Pennsylvania

How to use a compass 

Horse Lover

Horse Country

Doc Warren Online, Horse Health, care and Management 

Apples and Oats, An Equestrian Newsletter 

Horseback Rider

Doc Warren Online, Horse Health, care and Management 


Birthstones & Gemstones 

How are Gems Cut and Polished?

Jewelry Making from the Mining Company

US Friendship Flag Pin - Requirement 1

Junior Citizen

Betsy Ross homepage

History of the American Flag

Troop 520 Junior Citizen Badge Help


No resources added yet. 

Local Lore

No resources added yet. 

Looking Your Best

No resources added yet. 

Making Decisions

Decision Making Process

Making Hobbies

No resources added yet. 

Math Whiz

Math Baseball

National Cryptographic Museum

Metrics Matter

Money Sense

Department of the Treasury

Ms. Fix It

411 Home Repair

Music Lover

John Philip Sousa

Folk Music

Girl Scout Songs

Sing Along Midis

Legend Productions

Bash The Trash


Shrine to Music Museum

Violin Making

Piano World

Learn Piano on the Net

My Community

Catch the Spirit! - Ideas and information on how young people
can help make their communities better places to live.

My Heritage

The Longevity Game

Take the US Citizenship Test 

My Self Esteem

No resources added yet. 

Now and Then

No resources added yet. 

On My Way

Passport Information

Foreign Entry Requirements

Beach Vacation Guide

Fodor's Travel Online

Outdoor Cook

WAGGGS-L Cybercookbook

Outdoor Creativity

No resources added yet. 

Outdoor Fun

Games Children Play

Songs for Scouts

Outdoor Fun in the City

Games Children Play

Pet Care

National People and Pets Survey

The Power of Pets


How to Love your Dog

Pets For Kids


Lots in Photography Info!

New York Institute of Photography



Oatmeal Box Pin Hole Camera 

Plants & Animals


Popular Art








Native American Legends, Folk Tales and Stories

Folk and Fairy Tales

Prints and Graphics

Color Reduction Prints

Making Architectural Rubbings


Crossword Puzzle

Optical Illusions







Ready for Tomorrow

The Tiger Information Center - Information about an endangered species

Great Badge information 

Safety Sense

Kids Health.Org for Kids

Deputy Fire Marshall Kit 

To Be Safe Home Page

Science Discovery

No resources added yet. 

Science in Action

Golden Gate Bridge

GTE Yellow Pages

Science in Action-GS Badge

Science in the Worlds

No resources added yet. 

Science Sleuth


Bizarre Control Panel

Science Toys

Cool Science For Kids

Science Sleuth GS Badge

Sky Search

Bradford Robotic Telescope Observatory Site

Amazing Space 

Space Related Resources

Making a Pinhole Camera


NASA Web Site

Kennedy Space Center

Small Craft

Mystic Seaport

American Canoe Association

At Sea


Yahooligans Sports Page

Sports Sampler

Yahooligans Sports Page


Water Games



Horticulture for Kids

USA Roller Sports Website


No resources added yet. 

Textiles and Fibers

No resources added yet. 


American Girl Website

Glossary of Technical Theater Terms

Glossary of Theater Terms


History of Paper Dolls

Nice Paper Doll - Nancy with many outfits at Prince Doll Studio

Prince Doll Studio - Joy and Joys Clothes

Emily - a tiny paper doll

Sherah - a tiny paper doll

Have a Color Printer?  
Cute Barbara doll and Clothes 8, Clothes 10, and Clothes 12.  

Strawberry Shortcake Dolls & Others

Mining Company Many Paper Doll Links

Links to Free Printable Kids things

Checkers (History, Rules, etc)

The History of Checkers

The Alquerque (Checkers) Family

Checkers Game


The Wooden Toy

The Beginner's Chess Page


Anywhere in the USA

Troop Camper

Songs for Scouts

Video Production

Example of a Storyboard

Visual Arts

National Museum of Women in the Arts


Edgar Degas...Ballet Dancers

Walking for Fitness

Walking for Exercise and Pleasure

About Fitness and Exercise

Water Fun


US Coast Guard Office of Boating Safety

Okoboji – An Iowa Fresh water lake

Water Wonders

Water Science from the US Geological Service

Weather Watch

Local Weather

Weather Science Hotlist

How a Barometer Works

"Ask Jack"

Weather Watchers

Wider Opportunities

No resources added yet. 


Polar Pairs Game

Amazing Seaworld Animals

Defenders of Wildlife from Kid's Planet

Wildlife Conservation Society Kid's Site

Women of Today

Yahooligans! Women's Sports

Women's Stories

Biography Maker

Distinguished Women of Past & Present

Famous Girl Guides & Girl Scouts

Women's History Month

National Museum of Women In the Arts

How much do you know about women's history?

Women's History Month Links

World in My Community

The Kwanzaa Information Center

World Neighbors

Troop 520 World Neighbors Badge Help


US Census Bureau Data Maps

Yahoo Around the World Countries

You and Your Community

No resources added yet. 

Your Outdoor Surroundings

No resources added yet. 

On my honor, I will try
To serve God and my Country.
To help other people at all times.
And to live by the Girl Scout Law.