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On my honor,
I will try
To serve God
and my Country.
To help other people at all times.
And to live by the Girl Scout Law.






There are several formal fund raising programs during the year.

Troop 880 activities and expenses are paid for by funds raised by the Troop.  The Girl Michigan Trails Council and Girl Scouts USA provide leadership training, publications, facilities, and guidance but they do not provide funding for the Troop. 

Membership and fundraising fees are used to pay for Girl Scout and parent registration fees, Girl Scout badges, campsite fees, refreshments, and miscellaneous Troop expenses.  It is the goal of Troop 880 to fund all activities and expenditures from membership fees and annual fundraising revenue. 
See "Important Note" Below

If the cost of activities and expenditures desired by the Troop are anticipated to exceed funds available, planned activities and expenditures will be modified or an additional fee will be assessed as decided by the Troop.

Troop 880 utilizes three methods for raising funds:

Troop 880 Annual Membership Fee:  
Payment to GSUSA is required for annual registration in Troop 880.  The annual membership fee is $10.00. Scholarship money is available.

Troop 880 Annual Troop Dues This annual fee is paid by the parents or adult sponsor of each Girl Scout in the Troop.  The fee is due when the annual Troop registration is submitted for the girl and parent or adult sponsor.  By paying just once, the Troop eliminates the need to collect smaller amounts for the wide variety of programs and outings included. The annual troop dues are $25.00. Financial help is available.

Fundraising: Girl Scouts have an opportunity to raise funds for the Troop by selling Fall Product, Girl Scout cookies and other fundraisers as needed. 

Cookie Sales       
The most famous fund-raiser in Girl Scouting is Cookies. 
Scouts take orders in January, make deliveries in February,
and do booth sales in March of each year. 
Our major fund-raising source, is  from this annual event. 

Fall Product Sales  
The troop also participates in The Fall Product Sales. The Product Sales Team of Girl Scouts of Michigan Trails is pleased to offer an earn-while-you-learn program. It is the fall product sale program offering quality products with delivery in November, just in time for the holidays. The proceeds from the fall sale stay within the councilís jurisdiction: troop proceeds help give troops needed funds to finance their own ideas and projects, teaching girls to be independent, strong and to learn important business skills. With all that learning going on, it becomes a sense of pride for the girls. Order taking for the fall sale program will begin in October.



Girls or their parents choosing not to sell fall product, cookies, or participate in other fundraisers may have to meet their annual fund raising obligation by paying an additional fundraising fee to Troop 880 or pay a higher activity fee. This is in addition to membership fee and dues.

It is not fair if only a few girls do the fundraising for the whole troop. This is a team effort and all girls and their families need to participate.